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  Recipe Home » Greek » Curing Of Home-Grown Olives~ Greek Style
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  Curing Of Home-Grown Olives~ Greek Style
  Category: Greek
  Author: The Savvybearcat
  Date: 1/1/2007
  Hits: 449
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If you own an olive tree and do not want to go through the complicated
process of leaching olives with chemicals, follow one of these ancient
Greek methods to get rid of the bitterness.

SALTING METHOD: Place washed olives in a wicker basket or a plastic
container with holes. Cover with medium-coarse salt. Set basket in
sun and protect with a cheesecloth cover. Twice a day for a week,
toss olives to redistribute them, until the bitter fluid is drawn
from them. Bring olives in at night to prevent mold.

WATER METHOD: Cover washed olives with a solution of salt water - 1
cup salt to each quart water - in a crock or glass jar. Place a
weight, such as a small plate or washed rock, to keep olives
submerged. Olives may remain in this brine for months. Marinate in
Olive Marinade before serving.

Source: Cooking in Modern Greece - by Theresa Karas Yianilos Typed
for you by Karen Mintzias
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